mercoledì 11 novembre 2015


Lovely music from videogames #1

I know that everyone has a favourite music from videogames inside the heart. I've got thousand of little songs from videogames that i sing during the day (or the night) and that help me going on during hard tests or during work or everything else...

I want to start talking about them from this one, the game is Chuck Rock, from megadrive (but it has lots of porting on every console, from c64 to megacd).
There are many track that i'll share with you in other posts (level2 and last level are something special!).
But i think this is a good start, the main theme we all know, i'm sure you'll sing following the video (as i do everytime ;)

Here you can hear in the full version and see the nice scene with Chuk's friends playing instruments:

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