lunedì 9 novembre 2015


Butasan, Psycho Pigs, rare game!

My friends, let's start this section talking about a strange game really funny!
I used to play this with my brother when i was 5yo on the commodore, but let's go on one step at the time.

This is Butasan, mr. and ms pig! An arcade game really funny, something like bomberman, you had to destroy other pigs using bombs. Frenetic play and nice sprites for the year (1987)
I discovered this version only some months ago, cause i played it on c64 and i did'nt knew that was a porting of the arcade version! And i played again with my brothers like 26 years ago! (in my mame cab of course)

 Here you can se a screenshot from the commodore version, lovely lovely porting, and what about the music? I LOVE IT!

Here a video for the c64 version followed by an arcade version:

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