venerdì 20 novembre 2015


Bubsy, megadrive, crazy and funny game!

I know, not everybody loves this title, but i do, and i'm here to tell you! Ever tried? Try it and you'll tell! Nice animations, nice sprites and nice action. Lots of fun and lots of large backgrounds to be explored. When i was i child i loved this strange cat, cause was Always smiling and cause he had a voice for each action happened in the game. Not very usual on megadrive games, if you know what i mean. What else to say? Try it on your megadrive or on your emulator and have fun by yourself. We must discover again this little big 2d adventures.

There is a very good sequel on Megadrive and a third game really bad for ps1, really really bad. A video to show you how it look:
Bubsy Megadrive:
Bubsy2 Megadrive:
Bubsy 3d psx:

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