venerdì 30 ottobre 2015


 I'm really in love with this game, is the best of the serie and the best beat 'em up for Megadrive,  for me, and i can't understand why everibody loves better the second...

Four different charas to be selected, lots of attacks and animations and... This run. Look at the detail and power of the frame i selected for you.
Simply amazing.

We are all waiting for Streets of rage 4, but i thin kwill never arrive... That's why i'm creating Street Lions!

mercoledì 28 ottobre 2015


Breath of fire III is a PSX game by Capcom i played a lot of years ago. That game has some wonderful 2d sprites. Big and wonderfully done.

I loved Garr, the best of the team for me! (look at that guy!)

This one was crazy, huge and perfectly animated. Look at it!

I loved also Breath of fire IV, but i never completed it sadly :( ho knows if in the future i'll be able to play it again and complete it...

And you? You ever played Breath of fire saga?

lunedì 26 ottobre 2015


 I want to talk about SFA3 perfection in spriting. I think SFA style is the better in 2d art. Nice animations (not to much, but just perfect for the function of the game and dynamic action).

But a couple more of words about the spriting. Look at that example:

The principal quality of Capcom Alpha sprites is the simmetry, perfect voumetry of figures (look at blanka expecially). A perfect work on muscles and anatomy (look at sagat, adon or chun li Alpha version). I tried to learn from that great work and i'm still wondering about it when i'll back looking at them.

I love also SNK work on King of fighters series, but this one i think is greater, and you? What do you think? What's your favourite sprite style in videogames?


sabato 24 ottobre 2015


Mastema Out of hell is a game born some years ago, i was inspired by a game on Game boy advance: Castlevania Circle of the moon. I played it and i was really enthralled, fascinating backgrounds, good feelings about horror and thriller and lot of taste going up with levels and weapons.

I tried other castlevania after that one, but no one gived to me same feelings. I loved also some of NDS versions, Castlevania Dawn of sorrow and Order of ecclesia, but was not the same.

And you? What is your favourite version of Castlevania?

giovedì 22 ottobre 2015


Blood Bross is my favourite arcade game. And i really don't know why, but i'm playing it again and again having fun each time.

I discovered that was an evolution of Cabal, same kind of game poor graphics and other style (war ambientation).

Did you ever tried this games? What do you think?


martedì 20 ottobre 2015


Today i want to talk about some of my favourites beat 'em up games, Double Dragon and Vendetta.
About Vendetta (we all know it, it's a great game) i love it for sprites precision and accurate animations:

But not everybody knows that Vendetta is the sequel of Crime Fighters, an old game (not to bad, try it and you'll have fun!) Sprites are really different from the sequel, small and poor in animation. So i love Vendetta also for the great evolution in the sequel. (something that did not happened in Double Dragon).

About Double Dragon, i love it for the solid shape of the Whole game, 4 levels, perfect duration and nice feeling of urban adventure, a little short but you'll play it more and more again as under a strange magic spell.
Let's talk about Double dragon sequels, i think that modern DD games sucks (who sayd Neon?)
But this one created for Game Boy Advance was really great. Nice sprites evolution, more levels and more features. 

I hope you'll find interesting this post, if so, in the future i'll talk again about old videogames that we all loved in our childhood!
Play lot and have fun, cause life it's only a great game (whit a single lifebar and setted in veryhard!)


venerdì 16 ottobre 2015


Hi my friends, today no great news but one, i buyed a new pad for my Megadrive, i've got a CRT TV and i'm happy about it, a pic to let you know.
Now i can try again my old games and something new also (is my favourite console and yours?)

I'm working on Mastema OOH backgrounds, some other previews soon!
I've added a little upgrade on the design you can see it on the right column, added prices for my games and a little title on top!

Have fun!

Perfect conditions as you can see! WOW!

Here a small byte of a background work in progress.