mercoledì 16 settembre 2015

Mastema Out of hell, work in progress!

Today i want to show you some new upgrades about Mastema Out of hell. As you know, this project was paused, but now is on the road and i want to complete in less than a year from now. I'll do my best. I've added a nice crt tv screen FX, i'm also updating some boss sprites.
Here a short gallery for you! Hope you'll like it!

domenica 6 settembre 2015


Hi everybody! Long time from last post, today i want to show you some work step by step.
As you know i'm working again on Mastema Out of hell, doing it from the start, new sprites, new backgrounds, new game system (cause i lost the precedent accidentally)

Here a sample on how i work on big sprites:
-First step! Digital painting creating colors and shapes;
-Second step! Pixelating converting in low colors:
-Last step! Pixel art! Pixel art everiwhere! Adjusting shadows and adding details.