sabato 16 maggio 2015


Great news for you my friends, released Astro Rider for Android!
The full version has a new mode, called Survival that is not available in the FREE version, both of them available on Google Store, check them out and have fun! FREE version:
FULL version:
FREE version:

venerdì 15 maggio 2015


AstroRider for Android will be released very soon, i'm adding a Survival mode full of traps and Dangerous robots. You'll have to avoid them and survive as long as you can to make a great score. And there is also a completely new AstroBike available! At the moment is available here the pc version:

giovedì 7 maggio 2015


In this post i want to share a study of a new project, it's some years that i've got the wet dream of learn how to make 3d models, finally i had some time to study and here the first result that i can show with no worries, here is Redflak! A chara i created a year ago and i've upgraded in last weeks. I'll start work soon also on this retrogame, for now is only an idea for the future. What do you think about it? I'll like to use that model to make a 3d print, but i don't know enough about it for now so... We'll see in the next future!

lunedì 4 maggio 2015


Yestarday i've played a bit on my arcade mame cab, using Hlsl filters and my new glass to emulate an old screen on my lcd sony. The result it's fantastic and i really love it. I can't be far from old games for long time, i get inspiration from them, who recognize the game i was playing?
Soon great news about my projects.