lunedì 13 aprile 2015


Ok my friends, finally i've got it, i'm creating little indie games from a couple of years and here the results. I'm working alone doing graphics, sprites, background and coding, i've got an help in some games with musics and translation, i'll talk about my friends lately.
From now on you'll be able to follow my work on a single please instead of follow me here and there with lots of problems.

The blog is really easy to use, here you'll read news and on the left you'll see my games, just a clic on the virtual cartridge and you'll go on the page to have them.

At the moment i'm working on the FREE version of T-rex eggs in trouble and on the android release for Astro Rider.

I'm very happy and proud of my little lovely games, i hope that you'll like them to, hope in lots of feedbacks and comments to grow up and learn to do better and better.

For now that's all, here my last release, Astro Rider, pc Windows!


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